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I have delivered guest lectures across a whole range of journalism courses for universities like Westminster, Kingston, Edinburgh Napier and Bournemouth (where I graduated from BAMMJ in 2006).

I offer unique first-hand experience of how to break into both print and broadcast - delivering seminars on interview technique, column and feature writing, how to freelance and how to pitch ideas.

I am really proud to have been invited back to each institute that I have lectured, demonstrating personal understanding and a keen interest in helping young journalists up the ladder - remembering exactly what it was like to be sat in a lecture hall and having huge doubts about the future.

Rachel Dungar, Edinburgh Napier's course leader.
"Andy Jones' recent guest lecture was exceptional. His tips on building a career in journalism, freelancing and specialist reporting skills were presented with so much flair that the audience of 80 journalism students were still talking about him weeks later.
 Andy is a natural guest speaker - he hosted the room for 3 hours - and an inspiring role model for their age group. They felt it particularly useful that Andy is still close to their age as they could relate to his experiences in the industry. In summary: "Refreshing, inspiring, relevant."

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